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Who we are


We are a team of certified business and health advisors who pride themselves on the level of integrity and professionalism that is exemplified in all business dealings with all our current and new business clients.

About Us

How long have we been servicing Washington?

We have been working with Washingtonians for over two decades.  We know the business, we know our carriers, we know our local healthcare networks and we also utilize the same providers and hospitals that you do.  This makes a difference.  Many out-of-state brokers can claim that they know Washington's healthcare systems, but we are and have always been, a local presence in Washington.  

Our professionalism and integrity are important to us. Without it, we may as well shut our doors. That is why we work tirelessly to partner with you to find out what is important to your company's goals.  We work within those parameters to meet, and then exceed, your expectations on group insurance and ancillary product choices.

We have forged relationships with our insurance carrier partners over the decades and have become one of the top-performing group insurance agencies in the state. Exemplifying service is not just about answering the phones every day, it's about knowledge and professionalism. Our advisors are highly trained in the current products and laws that affect your business.  We are there for you all year round and we even offer free additional administrative services for your business (limitations apply). Our group insurance clients are important to us and our main goal is to ensure that your experience with us is a happy one. It is not unusual for our CEO to call you and find out what your experience has been.


In a world filled with online information and the absence of the "human touch", we offer personal and uniquely generated solutions, not boxed or "one sized fits all" solutions.  That is not our style.  Your business is unique therefore we find individualized solutions for your business. 


Call us to find out why we are confident you will trust us with your business healthcare needs. 

Exemplary service

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