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What do we do for your business?

First, we get to know what you do and what your employees do.  We ask questions that make the process easy. 

We analyze your current and potential future plans before we match your business needs to the right products.  

We spend the time seeking solutions that make sense for your company. Our CEO is actively involved in the decision-making process.


Our analytical software combined with our expertise and knowledge of the local markets is what sets us apart from all others. 


We are a preferred agency with insurance carriers and able to bring innovative and creative solutions to your business.  

We respect your time

We understand that you need to spend time on your daily operations.  That is why we spend the time on your business solutions that you don't have to.  We present a comprehensive written plan for your review with our recommendations. 

Work environments have changed

A few decades ago, workers would retire at age 65 or younger. Today, many retiree-age workers choose to continue to contribute to the work force.  There are common sense solutions we can present to you that will give you the flexibility you need when choosing health insurance. 

We are responsive to changing business environments and can react quickly. 

We also offer annual reporting services for your business.  

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