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Group Health Washington

Health Insurance for Businesses

As a responsible business owner, you contribute greatly to the American economy. You risked it all to start your successful business. It's time to let someone else worry about your business's insurance needs.


For any scale of business, our Business Advisors at LifePlan Financial, Inc. have financially responsible answers for you.  Our staff includes human resources professionals who understand the Washington market and your employees.

At LifePlan Financial, Inc., our no-cost no-risk solutions will complement your business plan with affordable group health, life, dental and vision plans.

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Professional Consultation.

Our consultants are certified and experienced in financial and insurance solutions for companies. 

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Solutions that Make Sense.

Our consultants find the individualized solutions

that make sense for your company. 

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Ethical Analysis.

What we do, we do well. How we do it is held to strict ethical standards that we strive to exceed every day for our clients. 

Group Health Washington has a reputation for its ethical and honest analysis for businesses. We have insurance professionals on staff who will give you recommendations based upon your unique business needs. 

We evaluate your current benefit structure, determine if there are any areas of opportunity for improvement in your current benefits, recommend any changes to your current plan, calculate costs or savings, and present solutions.  When you become our client, we analyze your plan throughout the benefit year.  We also offer cost reductive solutions for Medicare eligible employees or retirees. 


We do all of this, and more, at no cost to you.

(Fees may apply for microgroups)


We deliver what we promise - every...single...time. 


Everyone promises service, but do they deliver?  We do. Every single time. We have a staff that focuses on your needs and experts who are readily available to answer any question you may have.  


We present the best choices for you after our analysis. We have partnered with every carrier in the State of Washington to bring you the choices that make sense.  

Contact us and experience the difference. 

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